how to get cable tv for free

Watching live TV is super simple with High Definition Clarity with tiny size Smartphone. Yes, at present from Child to Old everyone owns Smartphones. Whether it is Android or Apple device it is supported with the similar Application.

So today we got update from Plex that we can watch Live Tv Online from anywhere in Android and Apple device. Plex apple tv is very popular among the others.

At first Plex is something different than the present model. Plex Live TV buffering presents a new technology for those who don’t like cord cable connection. So lets begin to find what is Plex live TV and how to setup it.

What Is Plex TV?

The Plex model is simple and sweet where you upload all media in a single computer with Plex server software installed and then you install Plex on on all your other devices.

It has support to almost all devices including Windows, Linux, and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS. Not just mobile and computers but Plex also supports Set-top-box too.

Just it, and now you are ready to air your media in all the devices you have synced with you Plex server.


What Is Plex Live Tv ?

If you have a Plex DVR set up, you can now watch live TV on Plex apps. Like Youtube TV, Sling TV and much more apps provide features at present.

You can head over to Plex website for more details here

Surprise is, Plex Live TV even includes pause, play, rewind and fast-forward functionality, so you’ve got all the control you need.

Plex can work anywhere, anytime in your home as well as outside.


What is The Total Cost For Plex Live TV ?

Plex is truly built for those who want to cut down cable-connection. If you are looking to lower cable bill then this is right because you can save a lot money with television bill.

The subscription costs only $5 per month, and offers discount on yearly plan which costs just $40 per year.

Ah, just wondering on paying only 40$ on cable bill which is surprising right?

More surprise yet to come which you will be getting known. You Just need to pay $120 and you will get a lifetime subscription to Plex Pass.

In addition to live TV and DVR support, Plex Pass lets you sync your content for offline access, turn on parental controls, and more.


Can I Record Live TV Programme?

Yes. But it won’t work directly with Plex Live TV. You need to own both Plex Live TV and Plex DVR running on your account to make it happen.

How To Setup Plex Live TV 2017?

Cut the Cord with the Latest Cable TV Alternatives in 2017

Plex needs some components to get your Live TV ready. Plex on apple tv can also be used to watch movies.


At first, download Plex Software from Plex Website. Plex has built the live-TV functionality directly into the server. There, you can also access your DVR features.

Next, you will needed HDTV digital antenna that you set up outside your home. That is used to connect your Plex Media server and Live TV.

Once the hardware is ready, you can open Plex, which will automatically detect the tuner. It will start finding the channels over the air.

For details on which HDTV digital antenna is supported kindly head over to Plex Article.


If you looking to really save money on cable bill then this is the best option. You should obviously go for the  World class Live TV and DVR features at just 120$ for lifetime. 

Plex live TV recording is the best available feature which is included in one time fees.